Selection of Clothes and Shoes for Road and Mountain Biking


In this article, riders will get the basic information about the selection of clothes for road and mountain biking. Both types of biking contain their own differences and similarities. Therefore, the types of clothing also have its own differences and similarities. It is important for the riders to remember three basic clothing consideration no matter what type of bicycle you are riding.


These three basic considerations are mountain bike clothes

  • Weather suitability,
  • Protection
  • Wellbeing.

Mountain bicycling includes off road riding from smooth tracks to rock descents and rises.  It is important for the riders that their clothes must be gear in the direction of their comfort and protection whether they are riding the complete suspension mountain bicycles, tough track mountain bicycles or a best road bikes under 1000 dollars.

It is vital that mountain riding clothing must dry the sweat.  As mountain bicycling is consider a hot weather sport. There pullovers and shorts are consider as the backbone of rider’s clothing. Majority of the lightweight sport shirts, which contains the pockets in order to keep the energy, bars and sunblock sticks are extremely famous. As compare to the clothes worn by the road bikers, some off road riders demand unfastened sport shirts. It is vital that shorts should reduce rubbing and offer support inner thighs and on backside.

However, riders still require the moisture or sweat wicking clothes, if they are going to ride in the cold weather. In addition to this, riders also need a weather insulation and safety. Majority of the riders also prefer expanded outdated biking shorts or lose shorts with built in an expanded and flexible facing.

It is necessary that the outward material of rider’s biking shorts must be hard wearing. In order to stay at ease while riding in the cold weather, then it is advisable to go for clothes with layering.

Shoesmoutain bike shoes

In addition to clothes, special comfortable bicycling shoes are very famous in the meantime; bikers frequently hit the ground where they will have to get down and carry their bike. Moreover, high quality of gloves will help them to absorb ground shock and sunglasses allow you to keep eyes safe and secure from tiny stones during the fast riding.

Lycra shorts along with the filing are vital when it comes to clothing of road biking. Racers can wear these shorts with leg warmers and tights during the cold weather. Moreover, under vests having long sleeves are consider as a perfect start for road riding during the cold weather and for mountain racing, layering are important in order to maximize the comfort.

Racers might need clothes close to their skin, which can wick their moisture, even during the cold weather, as cold sweat in winter can be very cruel against their skin. Finally, it is important to ensure that you should take extra care of extremes during road riding in cold weather because biker’s feet and hands feel cold much early. Bikers can keep their head warm, by simply wearing the racing cap under their helmet.

Overall, it can be concluded that by following all the mentioned information bikers can select the best clothes and shoes in order to ride safely in an extreme weather.

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Why Do We Need to Wear Safety Shoes while riding bike

Although all methods of protection have been planned during the project and the design profession, but in most cases while the construction still needs to have some workers needed protection equipment such as hats, glasses, eye protection, ear protection caps, boots and gloves or even the safety shoes (to find the best constrution boots you just need to visit our website) to protect workers.
However, when using the harness needs to break still has some inconvenient things like: use protective equipment should screw walking slowing labor and reduce the construction schedule. Need special supervision to ensure the required protection equipment has been used in full. The purchase cost of labor protection equipment. In the case of probability, bringing back the best results should be excluded before the bad luck and harmful is offering equipped protection needed to protect workers.
Some types of workers needed protection equipment should be used in all the workshop as a hat or protective. The need to use the type of harness need other employees depending on the type of career you do. To show a representative thing, we will choose the safety shoes to discuss.

1/ Protective Equipment Needed to Protect the Legs

  • Dangerous things, these are located under the ground and the sharp presence everywhere on the construction yard. A small tool, or an aircraft bolts, if not look to have probability caused very severe injury, even leading to death. The leg injuries often occur when working, go back in the ground. Safety shoes without the hazards or risks had probability look a foot away from the accident.
  • Should wear safety shoes any time in on the road, especially in those areas are constructed. These areas are often made called “the area required to wear safety shoes,” need to have the calculations without the hazards or risks to fully conversant in the entrance and in the dangerous place other essentials

Biking 101: Shifting gears (part 1)


As a beginner on road biking, you probably is now learning how to shift gears, this is a technique which helps you to navigate the terrain more easily. Gears and shifting is a complex combination, therefore, managing to shift gears on a bike requires a lot of your time practicing. Many different parts of a bike work differently and play different roles. Your bike ride will be much more fun when you can master gear shifting and how the actual shifters work.

Biking 101: Shifting gears

  • The Breakdown

Shifting gears contain 6 major components. They are 2 shift levers, 2 derailleurs, connecting cable and a rear cassette or cluster of gears. The two shift levers are positioned on both right and left side of the handle bars, and are connected to the 2 derailleurs by the connecting cable. Front derailleur and rear derailleur are operated by left shifter and right shifter, respectively. The main role of a derailleur is to shift the chain up and down the rear cassette/ or cluster of gears. That is a simple breakdown of gears and shifters in a normal bike. The structure can vary among bikes in terms of number of gears and types of shifters.

  • Types of Shifters

Other parts of the gear shifting system are typically the same on most bikes. They can be constructed differently but their roles remain the same. However, shifters can be different in their operation based on types of shifters. You should learn how each type work to differentiate them as well as to easily master gear shifting on a bike or any bike.

Lever or Downtube Shifters


The more old-fashion type of shifters is lever or downtube shifters, they are normally seen on old road bikes. The right one monitors the rear derailleur and the left, the front. The chain will be pushed up to a bigger front chainring when you pull the left lever backwards to tighten the cable. If you go with the opposite direction with the lever, you can shift the gear down. With rear derailleur, to shift it down to harder gear, you can press the lever up and do the other way around if you want an easier gear. The gears shift when the lever moves, therefore, if you feel that the gear isn’t lined up well, you can always move the lever to help your gear work perfectly. The newer version of downtube shifters can include a click to correspond to each gear.

Biking 101: Shifting gears (part 2)


Road Brake Lever Shifters

Indexed shifting system is now normally found in more modern bikes, it has the click sound whenever you shift gears. Also the shifting is done with the brake lever and/or another paddle that shifts the opposite way.  Different ways to construct these components are witnessed in three main companies making shifters.

Road Brake Lever Shifters

  • Shimano – Shimano shifters

Road bike mechanisms from Shimano are among of the most famous in the world. They have two approaches to gear shifting. The older and lower end Shimano shifters normally have the first type of shifter built in. These shift by pressing the brake lever inward toward the center of the bike to shift down to a harder gear on the rear cassette while the left, front lever shifts the front derailleur up to a hard gear.

The thumb button found on the inside of hood will allow you to go the opposite direction. With the newer version, you will no longer see the thumb button; instead, they use a paddle to shift gears. This is simply pressed inward toward the center of the bike on its own, ie. not with the brake lever.

  • SRAM – Sram Shifter

Sram has a different approach for gear shifter as they use both inner paddle and a second button for their shifting mechanism. The right paddle is used to control the rear derailleurs, press the paddle inward to get to harder gear, and further inward to get back to easier gear. For the left, front shifter, shifting slightly in shifts down while making a larger swipe inward shifts your front chainring up.

  • Campagnolo – Campy Shifter

Campy use an inner paddle from the brake lever and a thumb button on the inside of the hood, similarly to Shimanos’. However, shifters from Campy are more high-end.

  • Mountain Thumb Shifters – mountain thumb shifter

A simpler lever is found in found in older style mountain bike shifters; it works by simply pushing one way to shift up and the opposite to shift down. The pushing direction to determine it to be shift up or down depends on if it is the front or rear shifter.  You can figure it out by testing the shifter while pedaling. Harder direction to press while pedaling will shift up to an easier gear, and the other direction for harder gears.

  • Mountain – Twin Lever Indexed Shifters – mountain bike shifter

Twin lever shifting mechanism is mostly found in modern mountain bike. The two levers can be placed differently, either both below the bars, or one above and one below. With rear shifter, easier gear will be shifted to with the lower lever, and harder gear with upper shifts. It is the other way around with the front shifter.

  • Twist or Grip-Shifters – twist grip shifter

This type of shifters is popular for lower level mountain bikes and kid’s bike.  You can simple twist forward and backward to shift gears. To know which gear you are in, you can simply look at the number showed. The larger the number the harder the gear is for rear shifter. For the left, front shifter, the smaller the number the harder the gear is.

How to Shift Gears on a Bike – The Technique of timing

One important thing to know to master gear shifting on a bike is to know the right moment to shift. Normally, you want to find the gear that is comfortable to your riding, it shouldn’t be too slow and hard, or too fast and easy. To judge that, you need some practice to discover what is most comfortable to you. For an upward slope, like up hill or mountain, you should shift to a smaller front chain ring and easier gear in the back, and do the opposite when you go faster, like on flat ground or down hill.

Your technique on shifting gears will get better as you ride more, when you get hold of the feeling.

How to Find a Suitable Bicycle Shop


This article will share the useful and worth reading information about how cyclists can find an ideal bicycle shop. It is important to note that there are several signs, which might help the cyclists to find the perfect bicycle shop. It is vital for the cyclists to consider the below-mentioned things while finding an ideal bicycle shop

1. Administrations and Certification

Majority of the shops might show certificates and signs, which mention the following things:

  • Association of the cycle TradesAssociation of the cycle Trades

This association represents the shops and to become its follower; the shop must pay the membership fee. Moreover, the shop should follow the association’s code of conduct. This association gives the useful about the British Standards along with several other legitimate requirements to its all members.

  • Cytech Cytech

Cytech is an abbreviation of Cycle Technicians. It is an authorization scheme for bicycles mechanics directed by ACT.  Furthermore, it is important to know it consists of three levels. Mechanics have to do a lot of work to become the level three mechanics. I got a chance to repair my e-bike with one of them. After taking a look at my battery and jump starter reviews, they recommended best jump starter and battery for smooth operation. I satisfied with them.

  • XXXX Legal Dealer

Several shop shows the stickers and signs saying, they are the legal dealers for the brand of bicycles or components.  However, it is quite challenging to find out what they mean. Few companies demand shops to send regularly their technicians on particular courses to become legalized dealer.

  • Test ride offer

It displays that a store in the Association of the bicycle trades member. Moreover, it is presented to propose the test ride marketing investment package for buying of several accessories and bicycles. However, always remember that options might vary from one store to another.

  • Bicycle Hub

It is a bicycle manufacturing charge fund. ACT and BA originally started it. Contributing suppliers and vendors give of quantity of value of every sale, which they make just before the fund. After that, this fund is used to aid supply schemes such as Bike it and Bike Week.

2. Talk to vendor bike vendors

Vendors who are passionate cyclists themselves might have a treasure of useful and worthwhile knowledge. It is also important to know that vendors who do not bicycle will never know much that what has been asked and talked about.

3. Know further about Repairs, Facilities, and Maintenance

Bicycle mechanisms bed in subsequently initial weeks of the riding, moreover an ideal bicycle shop will accommodate everything, which requires undertaking afterward this free of cost. Several also offer the economical rates on repair, services and maintenance for a longer time like more than two years or even till than the lifespan of the bicycle.

4. Inquire about Customization

If cyclists are purchasing the new bicycle, then several good bicycle shops will never charge them for fitting the accouterments at the time of buying. Moreover, numerous good bicycle dealers will also permit the cyclists to alter the items, which are quite suitable for the bicycle, if a cyclist wants to exchange the saddle, even though they will possibly ask the cyclists to recompense the variance if they are attaining a more costly one.

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Main Procedure To Buy Bikes For Your Children


Most of the children wish to have bikes for them as this makes them more towards some good activity. So buy them bike for there use and this will maintain there interest in them easily. You must select the right one for them by asking them their choice and this will definitely help to ease your selection for bike.

You must search a lot and should consider it accordingly or else you may get the wrong thing for your child and this may also turn into bad step if you waste money on such bikes and didn’t get the thing your child wants.

You may also keep it as a surprise gift for your child when you are thinking to give them on their birthday or such day. You should take some good ideas about the choice of bike your child need. This will help you when you will be going to purchase right type of children bike and for that purpose you must also have some information about proper bikes that your children can easily use and get benefit from.

You will find plenty of choices that will attract you to get it for your child but you can also think less and get the right thing for your child. You must look every single part of that bike that may attract you and especially it may please your child. For that reason, it will be helpful to ask some important questions from your child that are the type of bike they wish to have along with proper instructions like color, model and such relevant information.


You must buy bike for your children by getting the best functions so that it will be easy for them to use and get most from it. You must learn proper functions related to bike for your children. This will help your child get more attraction for his bike.

You should also keep in mind whether your child need any character of cartoon on his bike. You my get his favorite character on the bike and this will be good for developing his interest more towards this type of bike. You must add all those necessary thing in your child bike that pleases him and in this way it may help your child to get use to of it.

It depends on size of your child and also age that which type of bike he needs to have. Like tricycle if your child is small or any stabilisers needed. It is not similar with bikes for adult like the wheel sizes for children are different and good as well and you need to search for proper sizes of wheel for them that may become comfortable for them.

It is good to know more about bike before purchasing the right one.  You may find detail below about the wheel diameter that is designed for specific age group that will give good impact on your children without creating any problem for them.

Following is the chart that will tell you more about the diameter of the wheel that you must select for your child according to your child age and that is very important because this will help your child to ride bike easily.

Inside LegWheel Diameter

Wheel Diameter

  • child aging 2-4 years – 35-42 cm (14-17 inches) with wheel diameter 12 inches
  • child aging 4-6 years – 40-50 cm (16-20 inches) with wheel diameter  14 inches
  • child aging 5-8 years – 45-55 cm (18-22 inches) with wheel diameter1 6 inches
  • child aging 6-9 years – 50-60 cm (20-24 inches) with wheel diameter 18 inches
  • child aging 7-10 years – 55-63 cm (22-25 inches) with wheel diameter 20 inches
  • child aging 9+ years – 60-72 cm (24-28 inches) with wheel diameter 24 inches


After getting information about proper size of the wheel, now you can select right type of bike for your children. You must also know about the rugged bike, the tyres that are chunkier and are more beneficial for your child. You must select thick tyres if you just want to see err on one side of the bike. Read more articles that may help you to get detailed information about such bikes for children.

Buenos Aires by Bicycle – Ways for Entering and Leaving the Town as a Biking Visitor


Several cycling tourists enter the capital while their trips on Argentina. It is worth stating that there are numerous methods for accessing the town, if they are travelling via bicycle in the Buenos Aires. The details of these ways are given below:

  • Via Expressway


As per any other capital in whole world, drivers of the Buenos Aires are not much warm bunch. If cyclists are entering this city alongside a freeway, then it is advisable to remain very cautious on their selection of the route as several major arterials never permit cyclist and obviously, you might not want to be a part of the huge rush of buses, cars and trucks.

If police stop you and you are little weak in Spanish then it is possible that they are requesting you to do take a upcoming exit and select another highway.

  • Via Buenos Aires Bicycle Roads

In an inner city, bicycle lanes are starting to develop. Well separated, well marked, bright yellow and distinct from traffic stream are considered as an ideal way for accessing several facts around city center. Moreover, if cyclists are living in hostel, then ask them beforehand you reach if they have any idea about the bicycles lanes passing quite close which you can follow. Otherwise, after reaching at your destination ask the taxi driver. Majority of the taxi drivers do not like the bicycle lane ways because it slow down there speed, there they will try their best to avoid this, that is why they are fully aware of where these are situated.

  • Via Train

If cyclists are utilizing the local train system, then they can take their bicycle along with them and place the bike in particularly fixed bike carriage. It is a famous method for the residents to take the bikes to water’s edge town of the Tigre. Try to look for a bicycle sign on the bicycle’s carriage, generally the former one.

  • Via Boat

If cyclists are going or coming though Uruguay, they can take their bicycle easily on boat. Moreover, the automobile ship of the Buquebus permits the cyclists to roll their bicycle into an automobile loading berth.  The rapid ship takes them crossways the river license plate within one hour while the slow ship usually takes more than three hours.

  • Via Bus

If cyclists are not willing to challenge the freeway on their bicycle, however willing to go out of city step on the bus while leaving from Retiro Terminal. Several automobile lines accept the bikes as a vital part of the luggage, sometimes with a little additional luggage fee, however it should be packed properly.

If cyclists have long ever since lost their bicycle package head to downward level of the Retiro station, where the package covering stores are situated. Some of the stores are quite able to cover their bicycle in the wrappings and then tape in order to look after it by allowing the bus corporation to load the bicycle.

Resting upon which bus corporation cyclists are travelling, they will often get a huge package.

How To Choose Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500$


In terms of the hybrid bikes, most of the riders want to buy a cheap model with the adequate quality like the best hybrid bikes under 500 USD without thinking about other factors. Actually, it is very important for you to opt for the right hybrid bike deciding factors because they themselves are the great connection between you and your hybrid bike.

Therefore, your choice will depend on the large difference of how you bike with the performance of your model. After spending a large amount of money for your new bike, I am sure that you do not want to invest the extra expensive upgrade. In my opinion, benefits appear from following factors of your bought hybrid bikes without coming from your small or big fund.

1. Saddle

For the first long riding time, it is very easy for bikers to be uncomfortable with the new hybrid bike especially saddle, although some of the long rides can break this in. After all, some people may think of upgrade it for their great rides. However, you can avoid the upgrading expenses by testing the saddle right before choosing your bike. In case your discomfort appears from saddle’s angle, let’ try another hybrid bike.

On the today’s market, there are available many types of saddles so that you opt for freely such as heavy padded, super lightweight and firm designs. To get the best one, you ought to offer your rider friends’ suggestion as well as talk to some your local hybrid bike shops before your decision.

2. Handlebars

The performance of your biking can be influenced by the different designs and materials of handlebars. Thus, let you consider which your kind of performed biking such as tight, cross-country, twisty and downhill. In the event of cross-country, your hybrid bike can be attached to narrow handlebars. It is very important for you to calculate carefully before finally picking up a hybrid bike.

For example, with your demand biking downhill more, wider bars for leveraging more ought to be considered while in terms of shape, the more comfortable handlebars’ shape is, the easier your process of riding is.

3. Tires

Before buying a hybrid bike, it will be better for you to play around them with pressure and volume for knowing whether or not there is a difference. Remember that not all of new hybrid bike tires fit every type of rides even some of them are cheaper than all-around. Therefore, when procurement, you had a better base on which kinds of rides you regular perform and what terrains you bike on and how your hybrid bike tires must bear.

4. Pedals

There are some main kinds of pedals including platform and toe clip pedals. Obviously, each of them has its specific features. With your flat hybrid bike pedals, your model should be equipped with no clip type before your first rides for the best efficiency. Because this part is one of the most important connections between you and your model. If you practice regularly by means of snapping your feet into the pedals and rotating them out, without the special design of clip, you will get a strong difference in how you bike.

The benefits of this kind of pedal are that you can not only push down but also pull up on your pedals without clip when stepping climbs even with rough terrains. In a word, it is easier for you to overcome these kinds of obstacles, when feet and bike are attached each other thanks to pedals. To test for the pedals is as well as possible, you need a pair of suitable biking shoes.

5. Toe clip

They are called cage style pedals. However, unlike pedals without clip, normally, you are able to merely see clip bike pedals which are installed for lower-end bicycles due to with most of the manufacturers, they are more economic. The working of toe clip bike pedals is that thanks to its strap used to adjust your feet’s top, your feet will be kept tightly in a cage.

There is a small limitation that it is essential for you to adjust right way these toe clip bike pedals because it is a little difficult for getting in and out of even it is not effective completely. Actually, it is very natural if you want to buy your new hybrid bike which suits your professional riding style.

However, you shouldn’t spend money for only saving hybrid bike’s weight. Reducing some grams doesn’t create a too big difference for your entire hybrid bike. For this reason, let you think about buying a hybrid bike based on performance and comfortable feature.

If you want to find more about the best hybrid bikes, in special as well as other types of bikes, in general, you properly can visit our website We believe that our useful tips will help you much in choosing your favorite bike.

Particular Mountain Bicycles – How a Slight Customization helps long way


Now days, you can get several models of the mountain bicycles as the bicycle market contain distinct models of these bikes. Moreover, you can get the preferred model in showroom itself. Particular mountain bicycles frequently gratify in several other means compared to what is necessary. Therefore, this article will share the worth reading information about the specialized mountain bicycles.

Particular Mountain Bicycles

The distinct means in which the bicycle can be specified rests on the manner it is predictable to execute. Nevertheless, few of the bicycles are specified in their design and looks without giving much attention to their performance or execution. Over all, actually everything rests on the cyclist’s desires & need and readiness to recompense for bike.

Bicycles specialized in their design and looks

Few of bicycles specialized in their design and looks regardless of their real performance. It is all dependent on desires, needs and willingness to buy it.

  • Regardless of stating that there is no need to alter real bicycles, there are examples that regular bicycles are altered to the level of becoming specified. Several people, for instance, demand structures of a specific sort without interfering with other features of mountain bicycle. Particular even suspension seat supports and entirely flexible handlebars, which are made of the alloy, are quite famous among cyclists. Moreover, there popularity is rising with each passing day.
  • Moreover, in the middle of most common needs and demands the presence of the particular suspensions on mountain bicycles is rising. Few solely made tires appropriate for particular kinds of land are also famous among cyclists. Beside this, cyclists are giving much importance on appearance and designing of bicycles give emphasis on particular designing and painting of bicycles in order to make the bike look more appealing and eye-catching.
  • If cyclist put in the efforts on personal front that is doing and working on the required things, then saving of a huge spending caused by the customization and specialization. Resting upon the shop for things should be done might shoot up spending’s. Therefore, if cyclists want price to be reduced then he should learn that how to handle his needs, it would allow him to easily customize depending on his requirements. Moreover, it will give him immense excitement of getting it done alone.

bicycle riders

  • Few cyclists select the main specialism, which make the bike more attractive.  Moreover, these kinds of customizations are set aside for those cyclists who know there needs and how there need can effect riding approach and ride. It demands huge spending’s in spite the expense of bicycles without specialization.
  • It is important that cyclists remain cautious of word specialized.  As you know that sometimes a meaning is quite dissimilar what we think or what is looks. Moreover, bicycles workshops using  word specialized, not always vend the bicycles, which are specified. Beside this, it does not signifies that specific bicycle is innovative to one except something very particular has been well ordered.
  • Specialized bikes are not compulsory for the Beginner riders. However, the middling bicycle riders know quite well, what they really want in bicycle shop. Few bicycles are placed in the shop just for the sake of auction after being specified. Overall, specialization requires much planning and research.

A General Guide to Mountain Biking – Bicycle usage at every path


Just like others, for me also one of the warmhearted childhood reminiscences is knowing how to properly ride a bike. Undoubtedly, it is quite easy for most of us to immediately remember the site of first cycling adventure and riding teacher. Riding a bicycle is a very old tradition, which is still passing down to one generation to another generation.

A general guide to mountain biking

  • Truly speaking, cycling will give you a taste of responsibility and freedom. It is considered as the right of the maturing youth. Whereas, majority of the kids are contented as they can maintain their balance on the two wheels securely. However, some daring and courageous minds are trying hard to break the traditional molds. Therefore, this article will share the information about the different kinds of mountain biking and an appropriate gear used in an experience.
  • While choosing an appropriate bicycle style, it is advisable to examine the sub categories such as trials (TL), cross country (XC), dirt jumping (DJ), mountain bicycle touring (MBT), four-cross/dual slalom (4X) and freestyle/big air (BA).

dirt jumping

  • The several appearances of this game possess their own matchless equipment, communities and rules. By simply reading on every niche, you can get an ideal one, which goes well with your personal desires and needs.
  • Moreover, sitting on the mountain bicycle and competing and then down the hill might be considered as the lifetime thrill for all those who are willing to take a drop. It is advisable for the beginners, to start their biking journey with the cross-country (XC).
  • This bike is quite famous among the beginner all around the world. Apart from this, it is a sort of mountain biking where your difficulty and safety level is quite easy to handle. Usually, this bike consists of the guided downhill, uphill and smooth ground pathways where ability levels are sometimes appropriately detached by marked maps and tracks.
  • For all those, who want to participate in this game, checklist of the gear is provided which they should review and maintain on regular basis. Selecting the bicycle will possibly be toughest decision. It is suggested to consult a trust worthy expert while purchasing the mountain bike.
  • It helps you to learn and know about the modern mountain biking trends & technology. Moreover, it allows you to get the perfect bike, which is according to your needs & desires and riding fondness.

hydration systems

  • It is important to note that remaining accessories of the mountain bicycle are easy to source, once you have passed through the stage of purchasing the bike. While getting ready for the mountain bike ride, further specialty gear riders should have are hydration systems, repair tool, communication devices, gloves, clothes, tracking navigation, replacement parts and shoes.
  • Because of the unsafe nature of the mountain, biking, extra safety measures and securities are compulsory. Some of the factors, which will affect the protective gear requirements, are difficulty awareness, risk tolerance, climate, educational level, physical fitness, environment and guide recommendations.
  • While mountain biking, never compromise on safety and other important things such as first aid kit, body protective covering and helmets. After stocking up and getting familiar with all the above-mentioned equipment, riders should be ready enough to attack more than one mountain track.

mountain biking helmets

  • With the technological advancements, it seems that we all are finding reasons or ways to avoid participating in the outdoor activities. However, for some riders mountain bike offer them a truly perfect reason to take a break from indoor activities like computer or video games and participate in numerous climatic climbing.
  • When it comes to the advantages of the mountain biking then it is important to state, that it not merely examine the riders both physically and mentally, but it allows the riders to spend some quality time with family members or friends in a dynamic and positive environment.
  • Unfortunately, our natural environment is reducing at undesirable rates. In order to enjoy the natural gifts of a land, it is advisable to take a good care of the environment.  We all should consider it our prime responsibility to keep our environment clean.


Mountain bike is all about fun and excitement. It is a joy of life, which promotes happiness and health.

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